Sand Plant

We offer complete solution with energy efficient eco friendly ECOFLEX sand plant


Core Sand Mixers

Core Sand Mixer are heavily constructed With suitable Motor and gearbox, For long and durable life all Mixers are provided with Stainless Steel Sheet Lining inside main shell, Scraper are brazed with Carbide Tips at Bottom & Side

Intensive Sand Mixers

Intensive mixers create a perfect mix with uniform properties by full homogenization of the sand and effective integration of water, bonding clay and additives. The design fulfills all the requirements for excellent sand quality which is essential for the consistent production of high-quality castings.

Planetary Variable Speed Sand Mixer & Cooler

This is the latest & revolutionary ROTOMAX technology by our associate M/s Rhino Machines. Mixing concept automatically adapts the tool working speed to the type of sand to be prepared & it’s physical variations throughout the mixing cycle. The mixer can be coupled with a sand cooling system to achieve perfectly mixed sand at the cooler temperature.

Online Sand Controller

This RTC online sand controller automatically optimizes water, bentonite & coal dust introduction into the mixer to give consistency & required Compatibility & Strength to prepared sand.

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