Sand Additives

Pre-blend of high-quality Bentonite & lustrous carbon producing carbonaceous additives, for use as clay binder as well as a carbonaceous additive for improving casting surface finish in green sand molding systems in foundries. Pre-blends are preferred modes of dosing both these essential additives in a single measure in the green sand molding process in foundries.

Lustrous Carbon Additive for use in green sand molding in ferrous foundries, for imparting better surface finish on castings. Scientifically selected and evaluated lustrous carbon carrying carbonaceous additives and anti-scabbing agents.

Sodium Based Foundry grade to improve/shorten swell/gel times and to enhance bond capabilities. This in turn improves sand flowability, allows the sand to ‘breathe’ better by improving permeability, reduces dead clay and maintains sand refractoriness; all essential to maintaining good green sand performance on castings and reducing casting defects.