Refractories & Ramming Mass

We offer the widest product range suitable for core industries like Steel, Copper, Non-Ferrous Metals, Foundries etc. The range of product includes Magnesia-Carbon and Alumina, Magnesia Carbon Bricks, Magnesite, Magnesia-Chrome Bricks, Chrome-Magnesia bricks, Fireclay and High Alumina bricks and various types of monolithic items.

An Induction furnace ramming material made from Dead Burnt Magnesite clinker in association with either Alumina or Chrome. Specially bonded with clays and other chemical binders to achieve the desired sintering characteristics. It possesses good workability and has no shrinkage and good erosion resisting properties

Silica based ramming mass with special chemicals for improved lining life for steel melting in the coreless induction furnace. Offered Premixed with Boric Acid or Boron Oxide.

This refractory mix is high alumina mix imparts a strong skeleton aggregate structure of superior uniform heat stability. IT is characterized by an ability to withstand corrosive-erosive attack of molten metal’s and their acids, semi-basic and basic slags during repeated exposure. It imparts excellent volume stability, superior structure heat stability, low apparent porosity, a high contact angle with molten steel and strong abrasion resistance matrix.

Fosterite based ramming mass for making Ladle linings of a foundry. Diluted sodium silicate to be used as a binder, before pre-heating.