Pouring & Handling Systems

Geared Ladles for Molten Metal Pouring

Specialized proven design. We offer the following types of Ladles.

  • Lip pouring ladles
  • Teapot spout ladles
  • Treatment ladles for the production of ductile (S.G. Iron)
  • Bottom pouring ladles
  • Drum & U shaped ladles
  • Transfer & casting ladles

Geared ladles are available with Capacities up to 20 MT

Ladle Handler

Ladle handlers are designed with spring operated pawl for the vertical movement of ladles. Extra large friction disc brakes are provided for maximum safety.


A. Fixed Heavy Duty Type

Ladle preheater is Oil fired vertical hood type, with swiveling stand, service tank, and Motorized Blower. The unit is such that two to three ladles can be preheated consecutively. It consists of motorized Blower, vertical stand with swiveling arm, preheater hood. & Oil burner assembly

B. Portable VS Type Ladle Heaters

VS/VSB Burners is the versatile and handy unit for all type of industries including foundry, who requires occasional heating at the site either for repair or production purpose.