Mould & Core Coatings & Dressings

Range is high solids thixotropic refractory dressings with in built excellent suspension characteristics & anti-settling properties specially recommended for exceptionally smooth casting surface finish & dimensional accuracy for ferrous & Non ferrous foundries
These are available in the range of special refractory dressings base such as Graphite, Graphite-Zircon, Zircon, Zircon-Graphite, Magnesite, Ceramic etc to suit individual application characteristic

Mould & Core Coatings are available in POWDER, PASTE & READY FOR


  • Cereal Binder
  • Silicate Binder
  • Silicate Binder Collapsible Agent
  • Hardener For Silicate Binder
  • Core Jointing Compound

Foundry grade Sodium Silicate binders used in CO2 and Self setting process for cores & moulds with or without inbuilt breakdown agent.
specially developed by an exacting specification of Na2: SiO2 ratio, specific gravity, viscosity etc. It is extensively used in Iron, Steel & Non-Ferrous Foundries.