Genuine Spares for Induction Furnaces


We understand the importance of urgency for spares at the time of breakdown as the cost of downtime of any production unit is becoming unbearable. We strive to keep ourselves on a war footing to serve our customer promptly. Our effort is to provide a wide range of spares ex-stock.


We are committed to giving quality products. We procure almost all material from OEM approved manufacturer and leading brands. All products & spares are tested before supply. 


Our Office is situated at the very convenient place at Mumbai, which is also called the commercial capital of India & very convenient for swiftly processing overseas requirements. 


We enjoy the trust and support of our customers who have been our partner in progress. We enjoy a wide customer base due to our range of products, unmatched quality, and timely deliveries. We regularly supply spares to various Steel Plants and Foundries of Private sectors, Public sectors organizations. We export too many countries like U.A.E, Bahrain, Sudan, Iran, Sri Lanka Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Uganda, Nigeria, Kuwait, Zambia etc.

Spares & Consumables We Can Offer

COIL PAINT Flexocoat 2216 & 4515 Base & Hardener, Becktol Red, Becktol Grey All type of Varnish & Thinner ,Polyester Resins with activator  & Hardener, Elomoluft-1A varnish, Tuff seal
FIBER GLASS F.G. Tapes, F.G. Woven Tapes, Tape, FRP Tubes, FRP Sheet, FRP flats, FRP Washers, FRP Spacers , DMC Spacers, Glass Mica tape Glass/Ceramic Wool
MICA Yoke Mica, Ring Mica, Sheets, Mica Washers, Mica Tubes Tubes Silicon Bonded Mica, Mica Powder
SYNDANIO Sheet, Spacers, Rings, Washers, Bushes etc any size & shape
TEFLON  Teflon Sheets, Patta, Rods, Champion Gasket Sheet, Nomex F Class Paper, Teflon Wire for panel
SILICON RUBBER Tape, Sleeve, Sheet etc in any size
ASBESTOSE Clot, Patta , Ropes, Sheets (Mill Boards) etc
COIL SUPPORT Parmali Wood, FRP Support, Parmali TEE , Backalite TEE , Tuffseal
HOSES Carbon Free & Black Steam water Hoses, Festo & Legris make Tubes and Fittings, PVC Nylon Braided hoses
HOSE CLAMPS Wire type, Strip(Patti) Type & Worm Drive type in all sizes
GAUGES Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Switch, Temp. Switch
FLOW SWITCH Flow Switch and its accessories like Poly Carbonate Tubes, Float Magnet, Proximity switch, O rings , Brass nipples ,Valves etc
WATER TREATMENT Super Charged Resin, Mixed Bed Resin , Anion  &  Cat Ion Resin , Water Harness Testing  Kits ,Liquid & Powder descaling Compound
WATER COOLED CABLE For Any furnace as per Specification End Connections  & Brass Male adaptor for Water cooling lead, Wooden Hanger for Water Cooled Lead support
PUMPS & VALVES D.M. Water Pump and its accessories, S.S./Brass/M.S. Gate Valve, Ball Valves, NRVs, Butterfly Valves
HEAT EXCHANGER New Heat Exchangers, Spare Plates & Gaskets
PUMP Gear Pump, Vane Pump
VALVES Direction control valve(1SM12 , 4DL10SGS10), Pressure relief valve, excess flow control valve, Filter, Level Indicator
FITTINGS Seam less pipe, union, tee , elbow etc
SEAL KITS Cylinder seal Kits, V seal, ‘O’ Ring , Gaskets of Heat Exchanger
HOSES Hyd. Flexible Hose, Poly hose
FASTNERS Brass, S.S, Copper. Nut-Bolts –Washers Bronze Belewelle Washers, S.S. Studs With Nut & washers
SELECTOR SWICH Moving Blades, Fix Contacts, Capacitor Change over, Furnace Change over, FRP Base Blade, Belewelle washers
TUBES Copper  & S.S –Round, Rectangle/Square cross section, Copper elbow, Bends
SOLDERS Brazing Rods, Fluxes, L&T Brazing Rods L&T Fluxes etc
COPPER /BRASS Tubes, Bolts, Nuts, Bus bar, Wire Ropes, Belewelle washer
WCL SPARES End connection for Water Cooled Cable, Brass Male Adaptor (Stud Union) for W Cooled Lead
ALLUMINIUM Sheets, Angles etc
RESISTORS All kinds of Resistors for Converter & Inverter Snubber Circuit Wire wound Non Inductive (Air cooled  and water cooled) Bleeder resistors, Start circuit, Carbon film for PCBs
CAPACITORS For Converter & Inverter Snubber Circuit, Start circuit, PCBs, Tank capacitor , Power factor correction, Filter capacitors, Electrolytic capacitors
SWITCH GEARS Contactors, Relays, Contactor kit & coils, MCCB, Rotary Cam Switches, Timers, Proximity Switches, Indicators, Switches, Push Buttons, Insulators
WIRES & CABLES Teflon wire, GLD wire, All types of Cables HT/LT cables, Lug, Crimping Tools, H.T.  Sub station spare , Cable jointing kits
FUSES Semi-Conductor Fuses, HRC Fuses, PT Fuses, Bottle Fuses, Glass Fuses, YECO Fuse
CTs & PTs CT for Inverter & Line current, Potential Transformers, Control Transformers
INSULATOR For Busbars, Drum type and OTHERS
ELECTRONIC ITEMS Thyristors – Inverter, Converter, Start circuit, Diodes- Rectifier, Fast, for cranes  & Magnets, TT Modules, MOVs BODs
SWITCHES & METERS Volt Meter, Ammeter, Freq Meter, KW Meter, TEMP. Sensors, Temp Switch, Pressure Switch, Flow Switches, Local- Remote Switch, Micro Limit Switch
HYD. CYLINDERS For Inductotherm, Electrotherm, Megatherm & other furnaces.
SIDE PLATES Aluminum Side Plates for DL furnace
TIE RODS S.S.  Tie Rods of any sizes, Full Thread & Half Thread, Coil Restrainer Kit, Wooden Tee
REFRACTORIES Top & Bottom Blocks, Refractory Bricks ACC Whytheat cements etc
COIL Complete Furnace Coil, Coil turns both S.S & Copper, Brass/Copper CSK Half Thread Bolts
FOUNDATION Foundation Bolts, FRP Base Plate , FRP Tubes & Washers
BEARINGS All types of bearings with Bracket


REPAIRING Water Cooling Cables, Modules/Card of Furnace, MultiMeters, Oscilloscopes,Crucibles and Induction Coil

Overhead Crane

CRANE ITEMS Diodes, Master Controllers, Break Thrusters
OTHER ITEMS Hot Chalks, Fan Blade, S.S. Antenna Wire, Asbestos Gloves, Carbon Brush

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