Fettling, Cleaning & Spectra Sample Equipments

Swing Frame Grinders

Swing Frame Grinder is a rugged heavy duty grinder with full lateral and angular movement for use in foundries and steel mills. These can be simply explained as a power driven rotatable grinding wheel mounted in such a manner that the wheel with its supporting framework can be manipulated over stationary objects. Due to the unique design, this helps in increasing productivity 6 to 9 times over conventional portables, giving minimal fatigue to the operator. Mostly used for high fettling & cleaning of heavy duty castings, forgings or fabricated parts which are difficult to move.

Swing Frame Cut-off Machine

This equipment is similar to the Swing Frame Grinder. Here large size Cut-off wheels are used for high speed removal of gates and risers of heavy duty castings, forgings or fabricated parts which are difficult to move.  From the easier cutting mild steels to the more difficult cutting Ni-Monic alloys,  Investment Cast, Charge Bars(melting process) & finish parts cutting.

Pedstal Heavy Duty Grinders

Pedestal Grinders are suitable for use for forging Industries, foundries and for heavy duty grinding jobs. Each machine is equipped with two nos. Grinding Wheel (one fine & one coarse). Pedestal Grinding Machines are supplied with or without coolant system and Pump.

Sample Polishing Machine for Spectrometer

Specialized Circular Disk Grinder devised with specialized. application for preparing the surface of the samples required to be tested on the Optical Emission Spectrometer for the generation of the chemical composition of the material of specific grade. The polishing machine is equipment with ultra high speed motor which makes the sample polishing / surface finishing of the sample ready in few seconds.

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